iownit’s mission is to enable the efficient flow of investment capital into private companies on a global level. We believe private investments enable investors to find the right opportunities to grow wealth with a meaningful impact on innovation for all of humanity.

On June 18, 2019, we reviewed the SEC concept release on the harmonization of securities offering exemptions. The SEC requested public comments to simplify the exempt offering framework while maintaining appropriate investor protections. This resonated deeply with our team and mission, so we began working on our comments and thoughts regarding this crucial asset class. 

Our comments were submitted to the SEC, and on March 4, 2020, the SEC released its proposed rule changes. iownit’s concepts are cited 6 times throughout the SEC’s proposal, and we welcome the SEC’s openness to this much-needed change. As we continue to work with private companies that are looking to fund their growth through this critical exemption and enable investors to access these opportunities on the iownit platform, simplifying access to capital will enable exponential growth in innovation and wealth.

As a company, iownit does not need to look much further than its own backyard. Here in Houston, TX the need for greater capital formation, professional investing, and innovation is clear. We continue to work locally on building out that infrastructure to enable the flow of capital, which will enable us to take this diverse microcosm which is Houston, and replicate our work on a global scale.

Here’s to our shared journey and the pursuit of modernizing private securities markets for the benefits of investors and entrepreneurs!

Click below for the SEC’s press release:

Facilitating Capital Formation and Expanding Investment Opportunities by Improving Access to Capital in Private Markets

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