In our conversations with clients, we are frequently asked if it is possible to issue digital asset securities to their existing investors. Investors place a high value on being able to access liquidity for their investments, and for the issuer digital asset securities simplifies their cap-table management.

We took these comments to heart and determined that we can digitize existing capital tables for private companies in addition to enabling origination and issuance of new shares. This is valuable to all parties, and something we are happy to address.

We are excited to roll out this new capability. Digital Asset Securities provide investors and issuers a modern investment experience. However, until our most recent platform update, we were only able to issue new offerings. Now, we can also issue digital asset securities for existing offerings and investors. This enhancement is designed to substantially reduce operational costs for issuers, and enable for more seamless investor relations. For investors, this will help reduce the cost associated with accessing liquidity on secondary private markets, and provide them better access to their investment performance.

While designing the cap-table digitization interface, we took these key factors into consideration:

  • Investor privacy – We take investor data privacy very seriously, which is why all private investor data is kept on a separate database. We also allow you to partition your investor data to a separate environment with our white-label upgrade.
  • Ease of use – We always put investor experience first, ensuring that your investors are able to easily access their holdings, and analyze performance. We also provide issuers an administrative panel through which they can easily manage existing and future shareholders.
  • Compliance and Record-Keeping – All activity and transactions are archived through iownit’s distributed ledger, providing immutable transaction records with multiple layers of security and redundancies. By leveraging this technology your investors are provided the comfort and confidence in their assets being in a good control location.

This is a crucial building block in our vision to build and maintain an efficient, global, and decentralized market for private capital markets.

Please let us know if you’d like to learn more about how you can issue digital asset securities for your existing private offerings, and provide your investors the benefits of a truly digital private investing experience.

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