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Making Capital Raising More Efficient

We partner with you to service your private issuer clients and efficiently bring investment opportunities to a broader investor network. Whether you are working on the sell-side, with High-Net-Worth individuals, or institutional clients, you need to stand out by bringing innovative and compelling investment opportunities to the table.
iownit is a deal management and syndication platform for broker-dealers to streamline and complete their transactions.

What We Provide

Client Portal

Provide seamless access to your deal flow through your own branded portal while retaining control over client relationships.


Give your clients real time visibility into entire bookbuilding and capital raising flow without spreadsheets.


Syndicate across other broker-dealers with a click of a button, increasing your reach and delivering value to your clients.


Increase your client satisfaction by providing them with access to our client support services team during and after engagement.


Leverage our technology to create, display and share consistent, professional marketing materials during the entire deal process.


Improve your internal operations by automating routine tasks using our proprietary permission based workflow tools and system.

Some of our Insights

Do you support independent brokers and bankers?

Yes, we work with independent investment bankers and brokers.  We support the entrepreneurial spirit by enabling boutique investment banks to operate under their own brand and identity while using shared services for compliance, operations and other services.

Do you work with other Broker Dealer firms?

Yes, as a Broker Dealer and FINRA member firm we can enter into agreements with other member firms.

What kind of economics do you offer?

We offer competitive economics and payout rates for independent investment banks.  In our relationship with other Broker Dealer firms we provide highly competitive technology platform pricing.

Can I trade public market securities?

No, the iownit platform only provides access to private market securities.

How do I get started?

Contact us to discuss your needs.


We encourage your questions. Here are top questions that we often face from interested parties. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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