We built the iownit platform to be


We are a technology company at heart. We passionately believe that technology has and will continue to reshape every segment of the economy including financial markets. iownit was born from a belief that with the right tools the private markets can become more efficient, accessible and transparent, lowering the cost for all participants. Hence, we call ourselves the “iownit platform”


All financial markets are built on trust in records of ownership, price, and transactions. This trust allows parties to engage and transact securely while knowing that their ownership rights are protected. At the core of the iownit platform is a secure, immutable and accurate digital ownership registry of private securities


Although the underlying technology behind iownit is sophisticated, the platform is designed to make the act of investing as simple as possible. Finding the right investments is challenging enough, iownit makes it more efficient than current paper-based methods to complete and manage investments in private securities

We encourage and welcome


We built iownit, leveraging blockchain technology, to provide a trusted source of ownership data for private securities. By digitizing and securing the records, we enable the market to evolve to the next level of efficiency, reduce friction in capital flows, increase access, lower cost and open up opportunities for new financial innovation.

iownit is not a crowdfunding platform. It is a technology-enabled private securities investment platform that aims to reduce the cost, time and friction associated with the current transactional processing of private securities, while also compliant with current regulations.

iownit is an online alternative trading system (ATS). The iownit trading system allows for the digitization of private securities.

Our unique features are related to how we utilize Blockchain, the hyper-ledger fabric, and its nodes to capture and record transaction data

Because of the type of investments listed, only accredited investors may access and invest on iownit.

Issuance and trading of Private Securities, as defined by ’33 Act, issued pursuant to exemptions (private placements).


If you’d like to learn more about iownit, please email info@iownit.us or sign up for your free iownit account by clicking “Get Started”