Active Offerings

offering page from investor view

When you establish your account with iownit, you are then able to begin investing in the active offerings on the platform. Each offering on iownit has a dedicated data room with all relevant information for investors, a communication interface with the issuer, and through which you can directly invest in the company, should you choose to. All of the active opportunities you see listed on iownit are potential additions to your portfolio.

Your Portfolios

You have different investment strategies, and we recognize the need to manage your investments across multiple portfolios. That is why we designed your iownit account with the ability to set up multiple portfolios based on your different needs and goals. With each portfolio that you set up, you are able to see the total amount you’ve invested, your portfolio value, and any unrealized investment gain or loss.

investor portfolio view

Buying and Selling

tickets to buy and sell private securities on iownit

iownit supports the entire lifecycle of private securities, enabling investors to buy and sell their shares all on the same platform.

After reviewing an offering listed on iownit, you are able to review the terms of the investment, and complete the transaction without any paper documents, signatures, or the costly time it currently takes you to complete a private placement.