Offering Lifecycle Management

Every active listing on iownit has its own dedicated offering page. The offering page allows you to provide as much information as you’d like about your offering to enable efficient investor due diligence and engagement.

Your offering page on iownit allows you to manage your capital-raising process while reviewing potential investors and their investments in your offering.

Offering page from issuer view

Cap Table Management

cap table management view

Issuers are able to manage, review, and analyze their capital allocation table on iownit. You will be able to see your investor base, share distribution, and manage future rounds of capital raising and security issuances. Your listing on iownit provides you the ability to efficiently share investor-focused information with potential investors.

Liquidity Management

iownit enables you to review and accept all trade requests associated with the securities you’ve issued on the platform. With iownit you have the right of first refusal on primary and secondary investments in your company. Once a trade is settled, share ownership is transferred through iownit’s platform.

Investor trade ticket from issuer view