Enabling a more efficient flow of capital in private markets

What is iownit?

iownit is an investment platform for private securities. Its blockchain-powered technology supports the listing, investing, and trading of private securities. iownit’s digital private securities market is operated by its broker-dealer subsidiary IOI CAPITAL AND MARKETS, LLC.

Experienced Team

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry including, trade settlement, investment banking, trading, compliance, institutional client support, and marketing. It took 3 years and a combined 20 years of person hours to build a comprehensive Blockchain-powered platform.

Modern technology

We believe that technology can improve the flow of capital by automating and streamlining routine processes and freeing all market participants to focus on what matters the most to them. Making informed investments should not be cumbersome. The right technology allows for convenient, secure, and transparent capital formation. We aspire to change the way the private securities markets operate and to lead the early stages of this technological evolution.

leverage our experience and technology to optimize your operational efficiencies



Accredited investors are able to sign up for an account on iownit. iownit enables self directed investors to search for the investments that meet their requirements

Registered Investment Advisers, Financial Advisors, Family Offices and other investment professionals are able to differentiate themselves to their clients with iownit.
iownit allows you to allocate your client capital into private securities, without the additional paperwork you are used to with private investments.

Entrepreneurs need access to capital to grow their businesses. Currently, capital-raising is an expensive and inefficient process that prevents founders from focusing on building their company.
iownit allows you to raise capital from a targeted audience of investors, based on the value of your business and vision.

Privacy & SECURITY

Your privacy and information security are of the utmost importance. We believe that when it comes to investing online, you should trust your platform and the information available there. We do the work so you can be secure.

Personal information

We use technology to ensure investors’ personal information is encrypted and securely stored

Transaction Data

We leverage the resilience and security of blockchain technology in order to secure transaction data

Identify Verification

We take steps necessary to verify the identity of every issuer, investor and financial intermediary on the platform

Evolutionary, not revolutionary

Efficient markets should bring all parties together and make transacting seamless. Technology platforms for capital markets need to balance innovation with existing regulatory frameworks and infrastructure. It is not simple, but the result can be better for investors.

Built from the ground up using distributed ledger technology with a commitment to ongoing investment in innovation.

Simply designed to put information and tools at the fingertips of investors in a clear, simple and consistent fashion.

A simple vision

Making informed investments should not be cumbersome. The right technology allows for convenient, secure, and transparent capital formation. By leveraging our collective capital markets and technological experience, iownit can optimize every step of the investment process.

At the platform’s core is a secure distributed ledger technology that allows for the creation of immutable and reliable security ownership records. The records and processes related to the issuance of private securities can now be maintained in a digital format as a digital asset security

With digitized securities, the entire investment management lifecycle becomes a seamless digital experience. Whether equity, debt, or other financial instruments, investors can find, invest, and manage their portfolios and/or positions in one place

Investors may require the ability to adjust positions over time. Digital asset securities can enable investors to transact more efficiently on a secondary market which could be designed to broaden investor access to liquidity

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