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Transforming Private Market Transactions

Iownit’s platform for digital asset securities transforms both the process of investing in private companies as well as engaging with LPs or other financial backers, delivering the convenience and efficiency of a modern investing experience.
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We built Iownit, leveraging blockchain technology, to provide a trusted source of ownership data for private securities. By digitizing and securing the records, we enable the market to evolve to the next level of efficiency, reduce friction in capital flows, increase access, lower cost and open up opportunities for new financial innovation

Is Iownit a crowdfunding platform?

Iownit is not a crowdfunding platform. It is a technology-enabled private securities investment platform that aims to reduce the cost, time and friction associated with the current transactional processing of private securities, while also complying with current regulations.

What types of investments are listed on Iownit?

Iownit supports the issuance and trading of private securities, as defined by ’33 Act, issued pursuant to exemptions.


How does Iownit address liquidity risk?

By decentralizing the investment process, investors are able to conduct more efficient due diligence, better manage their positions, diversify their portfolios, and gain access to liquidity when it’s needed through secondary markets and trading.

What is Iownit?

Iownit is an online alternative trading system (ATS). The Iownit trading system enables users to issue, manage, buy and sell private securities in a secure SaaS platform.

Am I able to list my own deals on Iownit?

Yes, if you would like to learn more about listing your own deals on Iownit please contact us at


If you would like to learn more about Iownit, please don't hesitate to contact us

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