New York, NY — July 26, 2022

ARTBnk, a leading source of valuation, financial performance, and liquidity data on the global art market, completed the sale of its first fractional ownership of art using iownit’s blockchain platform.

The completed offering Günther Förg’s Ohne Titel at USD $950,000.00, shares were sold in a private placement, priced at USD $500 per unit with a minimum investment of USD $5,000. The companies anticipate the launch of numerous additional offerings in the coming year.

“Fractionalization is the natural next step in our mission to make the art market more accessible and transparent. ”

Jamie Lafleur, ARTBnk CEO

ARTBnk’s technology allows anyone, regardless of experience, to determine the fair market value of a piece of art. Our fractionalization of offerings provides an avenue to participate in the market, owning part of a museum-quality work.

iownit, a fintech firm that provides financial and operational infrastructure for private markets, facilitated ArtBnk’s inaugural fractional offering. iownit’s infrastructure allows investors to diversify their portfolios by accessing alternative investments, such as art and collectibles, while providing a modern, easy to use investor experience. Investors can build a curated portfolio of iconic paintings with transparency and traceability enabled by blockchain technology.

“As the demand for alternative investment continues to grow, digitizing the investing process is an important step towards achieving democratization and diversification in alternatives. The platform enables investors to access bespoke securities, like art & collectibles, at lower minimums due to the operational efficiencies gained by the application of blockchain technology.”

Hamid Gayibov, CBDO, and Co-founder of iownit

ARTBnk’s financial tools make it possible to manage art as a financial asset – a disruptive service to the traditional approach to art investing. ARTBnk’s team combines more than 200 years of entrepreneurial experience in Wall Street, technology, global financial markets, and art markets, making it uniquely qualified to be a pioneer in fractionalization.

ARTBnk and iownit’s fractionalization offerings meet the present need for easier access to alternatives and have tremendous potential for the future. Fractionalization is a powerful and useful diversifier, providing fine art exposure to  investment portfolios.

About ARTBnk

Founded in 2017, ARTBnk’s mission is to provide transparency to those who collect, deal in, finance, and insure art. The first and only service to provide a standard benchmark to determine the legitimacy of valuation in the art world, ARTBnk uses an AI-driven platform supported by a fully normalized proprietary database to deliver accurate, unbiased, and trustworthy valuations. These fair market valuations are a critical tool for those who view art as an alternative financial asset class and serve as the foundation for ARTBnk indices along with other financial art performance indicators. In addition to data services, ARTBnk offers solutions and tools for the wealth management, insurance, lending, and finance communities, as well as apps designed for art professionals and collectors. See more at:

About iownit

Our purpose is to unblock the potential and possibilities of the alternative investment marketplace for investors through innovation, technology, and market expertise. Driven by our vision to create a modern financial operating infrastructure & marketplace for investing in alternatives, our user-friendly blockchain-based technology solutions have been designed to bring about true digital transformation for our clients.

Our customizable and turnkey technology solutions enable broadened access and facilitate greater investor participation by allowing asset managers, custodians, transfer agents, RIA’s, broker-dealers, and investors to participate in the alternative investment marketplace with ease securely & efficiently while staying compliant.

iownit partners with like-minded organizations that are also looking to transform the alternative markets for a digital future, and we are actively expanding our network of third-party brokers/dealers ready to embrace digital transformation for private markets.

Securities are offered through iownit’s affiliate, IOI Capital and Markets, LLC (“IOICM”). Member FINRA and SIPC. IOI Capital and Markets, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of iownit Capital and Markets, Inc. For more information about, please visit our website or contact us at


This is a marketing communication and is for informational purposes only. This document does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security and shall not be deemed an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. The views and opinions expressed herein, which are subject to change without notice, are those of iownit Capital and Markets, Inc., or its affiliated companies at the time of publication. The duplication, publication, extraction, or transmission of the contents, irrespective of the form, is not permitted.

Securities offered on the iownit ATS have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements. Assets listed herein, such as digital assets or tokens using blockchain, are speculative, involve a high degree of risk, are generally illiquid, may have no value, have limited regulatory certainty, are subject to potential market manipulation risks and may expose investors to loss of principal. Investments in private placements, start-up investments in particular, are also speculative and involve a high degree of risk. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment. To learn more about the Blockchain and how iownit utilizes this technology, please visit:

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