iownit and Tanzle Team Up to Complete $40M A-Round Raise – Completely Digitized Using Live Permissioned Blockchain Technology

Big data and the blockchain point the way to the future of investing

Groundbreaking tech startups—Houston-based iownit and Silicon Valley-based Tanzle—are ushering investors into the future of alternative investments. Tanzle, a data-infrastructure platform, has completed its A-round raise of $40M on iownit, a digitized alternative investment platform built on live permissioned blockchain technology.

“Tanzle’s raise, one of the first securities issued using live permissioned blockchain, highlights iownit’s unique blending of tried-and-true investment fundamentals with innovation,” says iownit’s CBDO and co-founder, Hamid Gayibov. “The iownit platform’s strength begins with a streamlined investment process, matching promising new companies and technologies with the millions of investors who want alternative investments. It also opens the door to transformative new capabilities and features, such as access to a dynamic secondary market.” 

iownit is an end-to-end digital infrastructure built for investors to issue, manage, and buy and sell digital asset securities. Trusted investors with deep subject matter expertise anchor alternative investments. These investments are promoted through the platform’s wide partnerships within the international broker-dealer community. The platform also provides flexible liquidity options and streamlined access to all investment communications and details. This makes the process streamlined for both investor and issuer and opens the doors for engagement among the nearly 90% of accredited investors who are not currently active participants in the market. 

“Because Tanzle is a foundationally breakthrough technology, we naturally partner with equally innovative companies like iownit,” says Tanzle founder and CEO Nancy Clemens. “iownit streamlined the traditionally onerous process of raising funds, and uniquely facilitates investor secondary-market liquidity. And iownit has a great team: We found them to be highly skilled, professional and super helpful in positioning and expediting our raise.”

Tanzle, a privately held technology company, aims to revolutionize how people comprehend and communicate complex information.  Tanzle’s data infrastructure platform is architected to enable massive productivity gains. The Tanzle platform unifies data management, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum-level security, resulting in accelerated situational awareness and better-informed decision-making across commercial, government and consumer use cases.


About iownit provides the pipes for frictionless capital flow from investors into privately held companies. Our sophisticated technology platform streamlines the investment process for investors and issuers by providing end-to-end support for the issuance, management, and trading of private securities.

iownit partners with like-minded organizations that are also looking to transform the alternative markets for a digital future, and we are actively expanding our network of third-party broker/dealers ready to embrace digital transformation for private markets.

Securities are offered through iownit’s affiliate, IOI Capital and Markets, LLC (“IOICM”), a FINRA member broker-dealer.  IOI Capital and Markets, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of iownit Capital and Markets, Inc. For more information about, please visit our website or contact us at 

About Tanzle

Tanzle, Inc. ( is a privately held technology company, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA. 

Tanzle’s new data infrastructure platform is designed to deepen human comprehension and communication of complex subjects. Tanzle’s platform is being built to fully support today’s data-intensive computing and communication needs, and unifying core technologies that include data management, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and quantum-level security. 

Tanzle expects that its platform will enable users to increase productivity, insights, and speed to decision across vertical markets spanning business, government, and consumer sectors—including smart cities, reinsurance, energy, engineering, construction, medical, space, fintech, cybersecurity, education, national security, and manufacturing. For more information, please email

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