Applying Teamwork, Tenacity, And Technology

Just remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

We started iownit with the goal of enabling a more efficient flow of capital into private companies. Capital raising process inefficiencies coupled with the lack of a market infrastructure presented an opportunity for us to leverage our skills and make a change that would benefit all stakeholders.Despite our brainstorming, strategy sessions, and planning, we never considered the option that digital private securitieswould be issued on our platform during a global pandemic. COVID-19 is impacting all sectors and segments of the economy, throwing all of our work/life balance to the wind, and causing economic devastation at a level and depth that is concerning to all of us. In this time of uncertainty, stability, and turmoil a decentralized digital platform for the continued flow of capital toward innovation becomes crucial.

We are a technology company at heart with staff working from multiple locations. We have always utilized on-line communications and cloud solutions for our platform, and company. We focus on cybersecurity and the flexibility to work from any location. As a result, we are very well equipped to deal with our current set-up.  However, with COVID-19 we, like many of you, have been forced to now juggle our morning standup meetings with our family schedules. Squeeze in revisions of our models between nap time and park time, and work into the late hours of the night once our kids have gone to sleep. Each of us also, check in with our parents, and grandparents to make sure they have everything they need and are ok. It hasn’t been a simple time, but our dedication to our shared goals is what brings our team together each day.

In the midst of all of this turmoil, we are moving forward with business as usual and the issuances of digital private securities – capital needs to flow in any environment. Since all of our offerings are Regulation-D offerings, we may not discuss the specific companies or deals, although these are available on iownit for accredited investors to access.  Recent events symbolize many things for us, most importantly the power of technology, and the human spirit. When these two elements are combined, they can be very hard to stop.

We are proud of what we have achieved with iownit, as staying open for business is an important milestone in our development.  We believe that as the economy moves forward post current pandemic driven slow-down and entrepreneurship once again demonstrates its power as the driving force of our shared prosperity, private companies seeking capital will need to engage with investors looking for the right opportunities for their portfolios. We are there to provide that connection and make the flow of capital more frictionless.  Our systems are in place, and we are ready to help support entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and for accredited investors to efficiently invest in an asset class that has been plagued for way too long with analog systems and operational inefficiencies.

In the meantime, we will continue our humble work. We will enjoy this time with our families as we diligently move the platform forward. This is a part of the monumental task we’ve taken upon ourselves, and as a team, we are grateful for this opportunity and will navigate the challenges COVID-19 presents for all of us together with all of you. However, we would be remiss to not share these events, if for the very least to give some inspiration and hope to people that we all will be ok, and eventually, we will get back to working at full-steam.

Just remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.


The iownit Team

Securities are offered by IOI Capital and Markets, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. IOI Capital and Markets, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iownit Capital and Markets, Inc. Investing in private company securities is not suitable for all investors.

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